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Is your website currently visible at the top of page 1 on Google for your product or service? If not, then chances are you are losing money to your competitors who are outranking you in the search engines and your website can benefit from the services of Clearer Media. We are an expert SEO Agency.

A staggering 75% of people who search online do not look any further than the first page of results.This means, if your business is not on the first page then, unfortunately, you are mostly invisible to your target audience. A good SEO agency will identify the changes which need to be made to your existing website. This allows maximum visibility in the shortest possible timeframe and helps the customers who are searching for your product or service to find you.

In today’s society of “instant gratification,” we are conditioned to believe that only the first handful of options presented to us are worth our time and consideration. There is no worse place for your business to be than hidden away from the attention of your future customers and clients. By appearing on the first page of Google, your website will not only receive a significant increase in traffic but will be also instantly be perceived as more credible and trustworthy to your customers. Consumers buy from brands they trust. Become a trusted brand with the power of SEO.




of searches performed on a mobile device




Of marketers use SEO as their primary lead source

Clearer Media Can Help

So, you may be thinking of looking for an SEO professional to partner with. An SEO Expert can help future proof your online presence and exponentially grow your business. The good news is, you are in the right place because the expert SEO advice of the Clearer Media team will help your business. We will help you not only become clearly visible but also help you completely dominate your competition.

Any partnership with an SEO Agency is likely to be a significant step for your business or brand so when hiring an SEO expert you must ensure that you have the right person for the job. When working with an SEO company, you need to rest assured that all your concerns will be answered promptly. We feel what sets the best SEO agencies apart, is the ability to pre-empt concerns or questions that may arise. The most efficient already have relevant expert advice on hand. By working this way, the sooner a significant flood of traffic arrives at your website. When you work with Clearer Media you become our latest partner in success. Because any successful partnership relies on clear communication and a shared end goal.

Clearer Keyword Optimization

The Keyword optimization of your websites’ content is a critical part of how the search engines rank your pages. This ultimately determines how easily your customers will discover your business during an online search. Clearer Media will firstly analyze your content to make sure it is readable for humans and search engines alike. After optimizing your existing content for the best possible SEO outcome, we then offer a detailed analysis. We may also make other suggestions to improve both your rankings and overall user experience.

Authoritative content

These days, fresh And engaging content is the core foundation of SEO along with links and is what your business needs to survive. The focus of the search engines is to provide users with real value in terms of subject matter and readability. To get on their good side you need to be perceived as an authority in your chosen niche or marketplace. With the amount of eye-catching content being published all the time and the growing struggle to capture the lasting attention of users, you will need a Digital Marketer who understands the need for good engagement and with it a low bounce rate. Clearer Media are content creation experts and will work with you to create a custom content strategy to best suit your existing content and the behavior of your audience.

Clear Linking Strategy

Any good SEO expert will understand the importance of a good linking strategy. By association, the sites that link to your pages will have a direct impact on the ranking of your website.  When sites with authority give you links, you will also be perceived as authoritative. We understand the importance of how linking can affect your site at Clearer Media. We will assess your current link portfolio both internally and externally, and work with you to develop a solid linking foundation that will not only complement the way you do business but will work in harmony with the way your audience behaves. This will give you more engagement, more authority and most importantly more eyes on your pages, which you can convert into profits.


Clear Understanding

When speaking in terms of SEO according to Google a number of considerations need to be made regarding the partnership of your business and a Digital Marketing Agency. This is due to the amount of fierce competition in your specific market. The SEO agency you decide to work with needs to be proactive and resourceful while at the same time able to deliver high-quality work in a reasonable time frame, with a high level of initiative. Clearer Media understands what it takes to run a business – we will take care of your SEO and website rankings so you can focus your efforts on of all the new business you will receive in return.

Clearly Defined Outcomes

One of the main reasons Clearer Media has seen very rapid growth is because our SEO Agency offers clearly defined outcomes and always delivers on the promises we make. When you first begin working with our team, you will be given a clearly defined and unique strategy of how to quickly increase your exposure and achieve the top position in the search results. We will take you from your current position to your desired outcome, in the shortest time frame possible. Client feedback is the engine that drives and shapes our business, so we make it a priority to listen at every possible opportunity, because quite simply – we love to get it right.

Increased Engagement

Customer engagement is a huge factor in the way Google measures your websites effectiveness. We wil increase your Engagement levels.

Partners In Success

When you work with us you become our latest partner. We measure our success on your results and we simply love to get it right.

Revenue Growth

Our proven strategies will increase the number of visitors to your website which when properly monetized will increase your business revenue.

front page news

We know that being at the top of the rankings is paramount that is why we can get your business to the top of the first page of search engine results.


Progress reporting

Each month, we will closely monitor your progress and make sure you are kept up to date with detailed reports showing all changes as they happen.

No Outsourced Services

All our work is done in house by our own talented team of professionals. We never outsource, cut corners or engage in shady practices.